Our financing activities generate many tendering opportunities for contractors and consultants. Transparency is at the heart of all of our procurement procedures.

Applying good procurement policy

Competition is the foundation of good procurement policies. Open, transparent and fair procedures for awarding public sector contracts for the procurement of consultancy, as well as goods/plants, works and services help create dependable and stable market conditions for private enterprises. They also form the basis for establishing accountability, enhancing the cost-effective use of public funds. This is a matter of concern for Nefco, its owners, and its countries of operation.

Nefco’s requirements for procurements, managed by Nefco or by Nefco’s clients, for both public-sector and private-sector operations are sound economy, cost-efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Competitive tendering methods are used to ensure the correct use of funds. Where Nefco procure consultants for expert advice and services and Nefco’s clients procure contractors for public projects related to modernisation and repair of municipal infrastructure services, such as heating, water supply, and wastewater treatment, or schools, day-care centres and hospitals, the focus is always on high-quality performance. Procurement procedures are flexible, transparent, and require accountability.

Procurement notices

Energy-efficiency modernised day-care centre No. 9 in the city of Lutsk, Ukraine

Projects financed by Nefco generate many tendering opportunities for goods, public works, associated services and consultant services.

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Awarded contracts

In accordance with our transparency policy, we publish a list of awarded contracts on a periodical basis.

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Open, transparent and fair procedures

Transparency is at the heart of all of our procurement procedures. As such, Nefco ensures proper use of funds and resources are managed with the highest level of integrity. Nefco demands high ethical standards and transparent actions from clients, consultants, service providers, suppliers and contractors.

The Procurement Policy and Procedures, adopted by the Board of Directors on 23 December 2020, is applicable to projects where financing agreements are signed after 1 January 2021.

Our Recommended Tender Documents are used in Nefco-financed projects. Download the documents at the bottom of the page.

Tender notices on other sites

Tender notices for our projects that are being implemented in Ukraine can also be found on the national website under the section Procurement of international donors. An overview of all published procurements on Prozorro can be found here.

Procurement complaints

Guidance on handling procurement complaints is available on our complaints review page.

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