Complaints review

Nefco recognises the importance of addressing complaints and grievances made by individuals or entities who consider that they have been adversely affected by a decision or action by Nefco or by a Nefco funded project. Nefco is committed to addressing such complaints in a fair, transparent and efficient manner.

An individual, a group of individuals or a legal entity which in its view has been, or may be, adversely affected by a decision or action by Nefco or a Nefco counterparty or by a Nefco funded project due to alleged non-compliance with Nefco policies, rules and procedures may file a complaint with Nefco.

We recommend that you use the electronic form below, but a complaint can also be filed by email to or by mail to:

Ethics and Compliance Department
Nefco – Nordic Environment Finance Corporation
P.O Box 241
FI- 00171 Helsinki

If sent by email or mail, the following information shall be included:

  • Information about the complainant;
  • Information about the project or activity the complaint relates to;
  • Description of the complaint, including, to the extent possible, what Nefco policy, rules or procedures that have allegedly not been adhered to;
  • Description of how the complainant has been or may be adversely affected;
  • Sufficient contact information in order for Nefco to follow up with possible questions and response.

Please note that complaints as a general principle are not considered confidential, as Nefco needs to be able to communicate with relevant internal and external parting when assessing and reviewing the complaint. If the complainant requests that the complaint should be treated as confidential, this should be clearly indicated in the complaint.  Nefco will respect the request for confidentiality to the extent possible, but the complainant should be aware that this may affect the handling of the complaint.

Please refer to the Rules and Procedures for Complaints Review for more information about what kind of complaints Nefco can review as well as more information about the process.

Any reports on suspected or alleged Prohibited Practices, misconduct or other types of wrongdoing in a Nefco project should be submitted to Ethics and Compliance by using the Report corruption and misconduct form. These reports will be handled confidentially and may be submitted anonymously.

Complaints form

  • Section 1: Project information

  • Section 2: Complainant information

  • Section 3: Complaint information

  • YYYY dot MM dot DD
  • Max. file size: 30 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Contact us

Linda Lundqvist Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Swedish, English

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