Nefco as workplace

Our culture, based on shared beliefs, aims to empower employees to develop themselves and their skills.

Our staff

Our task is to accelerate the green transition. To do this, we need a committed and inclusive team. Our culture, based on shared beliefs, aims to empower employees to develop themselves and their skills.

Our staff comprises over 60 people, drawn from 13 nationalities. The age of our staff ranges from 23 to 66, with an average age of 43 at the end of 2023. Nefco’s staff is made up of direct employees and long-term consultants, including experts in the fields of environment and investment. Nefco’s headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland, with a representative office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our working environment is sustainable. We encourage personal and skills development and we promote a healthy work-life balance. As an international expert organisation, we value employees’ dedication to continuously develop their skills. We are proud to offer our employees a wide range of training, from financial matters to self-leadership.

We regularly measure employee satisfaction and current Nefco Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is 55 (financial industry benchmark 6.5).

Our culture and values

Since our foundation, environment and sustainability have been key to our activities. Our focus and scope have changed and evolved with the global and Nordic agenda, but our goal has always been to finance projects with a green upside.

Our purpose

We want to accelerate the green transition and demonstrate how it can be done faster. We invite others to do the same: We succeed when our purpose is achieved. Nefco is ready to risk for green.

Our values

Our work is based on three main values.

  1. We Thrive Together: by working together across countries, teams and functions we reach better solutions. We embrace the unique diversity of our competences, backgrounds and strengths to become an organisation of empowered people.
  2. We strive to Grow for good: we grow as individuals and as an organisation by challenging ourselves and others. We seek to inspire each other, our stakeholders and the world to follow our lead.
  3. In order for us to keep focus on our purpose, we need to be Ever Improving. We need to improve constantly, simplify complex situations, speed up areas that are slow and add value to every interaction we have along the way.

Our dream

We believe that all finance can and should be green, for good.

Working at a green office

We strive continuously to improve our sustainability practices and decrease the environmental footprint of our internal operations. We are conscious that every small step can make a difference and we are looking for ways to keep improving in our daily work. Nefco’s headquarters in Helsinki were awarded the WWF Green Office label in 2022. Read more

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