Nefco’s biodiversity pilot programme yields promising results and accelerates concrete action with SMEs

Launched to promote sustainable business practices that integrate biodiversity considerations, Nefco’s Biodiversity Pilot Programme has shown promising outcomes in its initial phase.

In a groundbreaking development for biodiversity actions among small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), Nefco has released the results from the first phase of its innovative Biodiversity Pilot Programme. The programme is a collaboration with leading companies committed to environmental responsibility. The pilot companies, including BaltCap Infrastructure, Klappir, Meriaura Energy, Norsepower, PureWaste Textiles and Sulapac, have implemented diverse approaches to integrate biodiversity into their operations.

Pilot companies and their biodiversity approaches

BaltCap Infrastructure Fund has kicked off its involvement in the programme by integrating biodiversity into its core operations. The Baltic investment company has appointed a dedicated biodiversity champion, signalling a proactive approach to fostering biodiversity within its investment process. As part of the Biodiversity Pilot Programme, BaltCap conducted a test calculation of land compensation for a 33 MW windfarm. This has increased awareness of the biodiversity impacts of their projects and created capacity for improved biodiversity management in future development projects. Read more

Klappir is an Icelandic software company that advances biodiversity efforts and impact within businesses through its Sustainability Platform.  As part of the programme, a biodiversity data guide was developed for Klappir to give insights on the upcoming reporting disclosures, existing biodiversity datasets and tools. The insights helped Klappir to find partners for testing biodiversity functionalities of the Sustainability Platform and take its biodiversity accounting and reporting to the next level. Read more

Meriaura Energy, a Finnish solar energy company, has created a dedicated biodiversity action plan, ensuring that their operations align with environmental practices. Meriaura has developed a biodiversity concept for a solar park and is increasing its understanding of how to conserve biodiversity in its design, construction, operation and decommissioning. Read more

Norsepower, the world leader in providing mechanical sails for large cargo vessels to reduce emissions in the shipping industry,has recognised the most relevant biodiversity-related risks of its operations and created a better understanding of how to manage and mitigate them. The Finnish company has created a Biodiversity Management Plan and an ambitious action plan with medium- and long-term targets. The action plan has also contributed to establishing a group level ESG roadmap that will serve as a compass for future sustainable development. Read more

PureWaste Textiles creates garments of recycled fibers and closed-loop solutions to inspire change towards a world without textile waste. As a result of the pilot programme, the Finnish company has initiated a series of scalable and visible biodiversity conservation actions in the production location Palladam, Tamil Nadu, India as part of its overarching Biodiversity Management Plan. 

Sulapac, a Finnish company known for its sustainable packaging solutions, is actively engaged in understanding and maximising biodiversity benefits. As part of the Nefco Biodiversity Pilot Programme, Sulapac has set a roadmap for constant improvement, emphasising the company’s commitment to long-term sustainability. The company is also developing its understanding of the various impacts of its material use on biodiversity, which will guide future investments. Read more

Enhancing awareness and delivering concrete biodiversity impacts for companies

Preliminary findings from the Biodiversity Pilot Programme indicate positive impacts for the participating companies. The integration of biodiversity considerations into business operations has not only enhanced awareness of biodiversity dependencies and impacts but also proven beneficial for the companies themselves, fostering a positive image among their customers and partners.

The outcomes of Nefco’s Biodiversity Pilot Programme underscore the potential for businesses to contribute positively to biodiversity management while maintaining economic viability. During the rest of the implementation phase, Nefco will continue to work closely with its pilot companies, refining strategies and sharing best practices to further promote the integration of biodiversity considerations across industries. The initial success of the programme serves as a beacon for companies worldwide to embrace nature-positive practices and actively contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

For more information, please contact:

Katariina Vartiainen, Senior Manager, Environment and Sustainability,, +358 10 6180 485

Anni Rein, Communications Manager,, +358 40 7504740

About the Biodiversity Pilot Programme

Nefco’s Biodiversity Pilot Programme aims to co-create concrete biodiversity actions in collaboration with companies and share knowledge on nature-positive impact strategies. The two-year programme offers workshops, peer learning and facilitated sessions with specialists. The participating companies will gain experience in biodiversity protection, develop a biodiversity management plan and take concrete steps to tackle biodiversity loss. The programme is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the Nordic Environment Development Fund, which is managed by Nefco. Nefco is steering the programme and AFRY, an international engineering, design and advisory service company, is acting as facilitator. Learn more:

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