Nefco is looking for consultant to its biodiversity pilot programme

Biological diversity is declining globally at a rate unprecedented in human history. It is widely recognized that climate change and biodiversity are interconnected. Conserving and sustainably managing biodiversity is critical both to addressing climate change and for the wellbeing of our planet.

To tackle these issues Nefco is planning to set up a biodiversity pilot programme that will complement its green investments particularly in the private sector. The aim is to introduce, test and support concrete biodiversity measures as part of the projects.

“There is often a lack of financial incentives for companies to focus on biodiversity conservation although their activities and solutions may otherwise be considered green. Through this biodiversity pilot programme, we wish to lower the threshold for stakeholders to act, demonstrate what works and lead by example. The results will be used for scaling up and mainstreaming biodiversity efforts in our financing activities,” says Katariina Vartiainen, Senior Manager for Environment and Sustainability at Nefco.

Nefco is now looking for a consultant to help develop the pilot programme. Interested consultant firms are invited to submit their Expressions of Interest by 10 May 2022 for the purpose of being shortlisted. Read more in the Procurement notice section.

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