Nefco awarded the WWF Green Office label for its environmental work

The Nordic Green Bank joins the pioneering environmental management system and continues to decrease the environmental impact of its internal operations.

Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank – has been awarded the WWF Green Office label. WWF Green Office is an environmental management system that helps companies and organisations to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and become more sustainable. Based on an evaluation and audit of environmental management systems, the WWF Green Office label serves as a reliable means of verifying that a company is working continuously to improve its sustainability practices.

For Nefco, WWF Green Office is part of its continuous environmental and sustainability work. Earlier this year, this work resulted in an update to the company’s Environmental & Sustainability Policy and related guidelines, which define Nefco’s commitments, principles and obligations for its financing activities. As a pioneer in green financing, Nefco only finances projects that generate positive environmental and/or climate-related impacts.

“While we aim for a green impact with our investments, we want to ensure that our internal environmental footprint remains as small as possible. This is part of our holistic approach to all our operations,” said Katariina Vartiainen, Senior Manager, Environment and Sustainability, Nefco.

Nefco received the label this autumn after moving to its renovated office spaces, designed to meet the Green Office criteria.

“In our Helsinki headquarters, electricity is generated with renewable energy, and we have paid attention to the energy-efficiency of the lighting and air conditioning. Nefco has also joined the nationwide energy saving campaign ‘Down a degree’ and is committed to reducing the indoor temperature in its offices by one degree during the ongoing heating season. These are all important steps towards reducing our internal carbon footprint and using natural resources sustainably,” commented Joakim Adolfsson, Environmental and Sustainability Analyst, Nefco.

WWF Green Office was launched in Finland in 2002 and became a pioneer in the country as an environmental management system provider. The WWF Green Office celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Its network in Finland includes over 200 organisations, with over 470 individual office sites and approx. 55,000 employees.

“We are very happy to have Nefco as a part of our network of Green Offices. Not only because Nefco is now a WWF Green Office workplace, but also because the organisation does valuable work helping other organisations with the green transition. In Nefco’s own workplace activities, steps like using electricity from renewable sources, giving preference to plant-based products in its catering choices and improving energy efficiency in everyday operations and its lighting system are simple but effective methods of creating a greener workplace,” said Mikko Kuiri, Partnership Manager, WWF Finland.

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For more information, please contact:

Joakim Adolfsson, Environmental & Sustainability Analyst, +358106180630

Katariina Vartiainen, Senior Manager, Environment and Sustainability, +358106180485

About WWF Green Office

WWF Green Office is an environmental management system that supports workplaces in reducing their carbon footprint and overconsumption of natural resources. The programme covers seven themes: management, communications and engagement, energy and water, procurement, recycling, sorting and cleaning, travel and food. The WWF Green Office label is valid for three years and can be renewed after a re-inspection. Read more:

Green Office label

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