Seeking positive environmental and climate impacts

Our task is to accelerate the green transition by financing Nordic green solutions that have potential to be scaled up on global markets. In other words, we only offer financing to activities that generate direct or indirect environmental benefits.

We are particularly interested in small- and medium-scale projects with high demonstration value, i.e., that have the potential for environmental impacts worth many times our initial investment. These include projects that:

  1. aim to boost the implementation and scale-up of Nordic green solutions on a global scale
  2. help municipalities in Eastern Europe to become greener
  3. seek to protect and improve the ecological status of the Baltic Sea
  4. increase access to clean and affordable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa

We evaluate project proposals and expected impact against the EU Taxonomy, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our own environmental and sustainability criteria.

Following the implementation of a project, we conduct an assessment of its environmental and climate-related results. Every project we finance is subject to mandatory regular reporting of its environmental and/or climate-related achievements.

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