Nefco at COP28: Financing for innovative climate solutions

The annual UN climate negotiations will take place from 30 November to 12 December 2023 at Expo City, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Nefco is set to arrange and participate in several events to highlight efforts and solutions to address climate change. Join us live at COP28 or watch the events online.

Through our various events and engagements, we aim to highlight financing opportunities for climate solutions that support the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Our main themes this year are next-generation clean cooking solutions and results-based financing to accelerate the green energy transition and help combat climate change in Africa. In collaboration with prestigious international partners, we will also organise an official UNFCCC side event on Article 6 carbon markets and its tools to mobilise public and private finance for climate action.

Next-generation clean cooking solutions

The Modern Cooking Facility for Africa (MCFA) is arranging a side event during Finance Day on 4 December at the Nordic Pavilion. The event, moderated by Ash Sharma, Head of MCFA and Vice President for Special Funds at Nefco, will include discussions on the need for financial support, access to carbon financing, policy advocacy and development of technology standards from a private-public angle. These measures can support the private sector to de-risk market expansion, scale up activities and implement innovative business models, thereby promoting the creation of new markets for modern clean cooking solutions to strengthen climate resilience in Africa.

Speakers: Jakob Granit, Director-General, Sida; Sophie Odupoy, Group Head of Public Affairs, KOKO Networks; Per Pharo, Director of Department for Climate and Environment, Norad; Donee Alexander, Chief Science and Learning Officer, Clean Cooking Alliance

When: 4 December 2023, 17:00-17:45 GST
Where: Nordic Pavilion, Blue Zone, Zone 6, Building 75

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Achieving eCooking ambition: Finance, supply chains and political commitment

This session explores how the transition to electric cooking can be accelerated globally. Following an overview of how electric cooking has come to be recognised as perhaps the major opportunity to dramatically transform the clean cooking landscape, the session will be devoted to exploring some of the opportunities and challenges facing key actors within the eCooking community.

Ash Sharma, Vice President for Special Funds in Nefco is participating in the panel.

When: 8 December 2023, 16:00-17:00 GST
Where: SDG7 Global South Pavilion, Blue Zone

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Accelerating the energy transition with Article 6 carbon markets

A robust and efficient Article 6 carbon market can offer tools to mobilise public and private finance for climate action. This high-level session explores the potential of Article 6 and carbon finance, along with evidence of progress on the ground to support the energy transition.

Speakers: Romina Pourmokhtari, Minister for Climate and the Environment, Sweden; Collins Nzovu, Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Zambia; Luca Lo Re, International Energy Agency (IEA); Nawa Raj Dhakal, Executive Director, Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), Nepal; Molly Brown, BURN; Kari Hämekoski, Nefco; Sandra Lindström, Swedish Energy Agency (SEA); Fenella Aouane, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

When: 11 December 2023, 13:15-14:45 GST
Where: SE Room 7

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Exhibit: Nordic perspectives on climate finance

Nefco joins the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Investment Bank and Nordic Development Fund to present Nordic perspectives on climate finance and Nordic climate-neutral society.

When: 1-6 December 2023
Where: Booth 40

Nordic cooperation at COP28

With more than 70 events, the Nordic Pavilion will be covering a wide range of topics on climate change and climate solutions. With the first global stocktake since the signing of the Paris Agreement as a backdrop, the Nordic Pavilion will be putting special emphasis on the region’s journey towards becoming climate neutral and presenting a vision for a stronger, better and more inclusive society. All events will be livestreamed on

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