Green recovery loan is now Fast-track loan

Nefco’s fast-track loan financing continues to receive strong interest among Nordic small and medium-sized companies.

Nefco has extended the availability of its fast-track loan financing, with the instrument now available as a permanent offering to Nordic SMEs. We have also renamed the Green recovery loan instrument to the Fast-track loan. The main terms and conditions of the loan remain unchanged: the Fast-track loan is available to companies with commercially proven green and sustainable solutions. Loan applications are processed via a fast track and can be used to finance investments and business activities in support of international growth. Read more about Nefco’s Fast-track loan

The loan programme was originally launched in November 2020 to help Nordic companies proceed with their scale-up plans despite the market challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The loan programme drew immediate interest among Nordic companies.

“Our Fast-track loan has proven its relevance for Nordic SMEs. We have financed a steady flow of interesting green projects under the programme during the past two years. Although the pandemic-related operating environment has changed, our Fast-track loans continue to have high relevance for green SME’s with limited access to traditional bank financing. There was also a need to rename the instrument, to communicate the purpose of this financing option more clearly,” says Mikael Reims, VP, Origination, Nefco.  

Nordic companies that have received Nefco’s Fast-track loan financing include the Finnish company Skipperi, a boating tech company piloting its electric boats in the Nordics, and the Swedish company Elonroad, which is expanding its automatic charging technology into new international markets with Nefco financing. Nefco has also granted Fast-track loan financing to the Icelandic company Polar Fishing Gear, the Norwegian company Automasjon og Data and the Danish company Engbakken, to boost the scale-up of their green solutions on global markets.

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Mikael Reims, Vice President, Origination, +358 10 6180 670

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