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Does your green business need funds for operational growth?

We finance Nordic SMEs’ global growth to accelerate the green transition. Our customers are drawn from various industries. We also complement and help to mobilise financing from commercial banks and other private investors to close the financing gaps.

Fast-track loan financing for Nordic SMEs

Nefco offers fast-track loan financing for Nordic SMEs with commercially proven green and sustainable solutions. Loan applications are processed in a fast-track mode and can be used to finance investments and business activities in support of international growth.

The loan is to be used for investments and business activities to drive international growth. Our aim is to help your green business grow on global markets and to accelerate the scale-up of Nordic green solutions.

Who can apply?

  • Nordic SMEs with commercialised green solutions.

Financial requirements of borrower

  1. Equity ratio of at least 25% (measured after Nefco investment) for the duration of the loan
  2. At least EUR 100,000 in equity or equal to the loan amount applied for
  3. At least 3 consecutive years of sales revenue
  4. Minimum commercial sales (excluding grants received) of EUR 500,000
  5. Annual sales of two times the Nefco loan amount

The sales requirement under 4 and 5 refers to either a) previous closed full financial year, b) current financial year or c) last-twelve-month period.

Terms and conditions

  • Loan amounts from EUR 100,000 to EUR 500,000
  • Loan maturity 3-5 years with equal instalments
  • Nefco does not as a rule require security for the loan from the borrower but can in certain cases request partial guarantees to be provided for the loan (subject to credit risk evaluation)
  • Establishment fee of EUR 2,500

Where and how?

  • For investments and business activities related to the company’s internationalisation on global markets
  • Applications are processed via a fast-track mode with standardised application material

Purpose of the Nefco loan

The loan shall be used for investments and business activities in support of international growth, such as international business development and sales, investments aiming at internationalisation, and/or for financing working capital needed to maintain or further develop international operations and business activities.

What sectors are included within the scope of investments?

Typical investments may be related to the following sectors:

  • circular economy
  • energy and energy efficiency
  • food, agriculture and forest
  • manufacturing and materials
  • transportation and e-mobility
  • water, seas and oceans

How we work

We believe the real risk is not going green and we are therefore ready to take a financial risk if there is a green upside.

To identify investments that are environmentally sustainable, Nefco uses the EU Taxonomy as its primary classification system.  In addition, Nefco will evaluate applications using its own environmental and sustainability criteria. Please note that applicants may be asked to fill in a separate Environmental and Sustainability Questionnaire (ESQ) at a later stage of the application process. Read more about how we assess and work with investments.

As an international financial institution, we have a range of other policies and guidelines that will help you understand how we work both internally and with our partners and customers.

How to apply

Please view the application form for the fast-track loan on the bottom of the page and send your application to

Contact our investment experts

If you would like to get more information before applying, submit the contact form and we will get back to you soon. You can also contact our investment experts directly.

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