General procurement notice – Upgrade of district heating system in Vinnytsia

  • General procurement notice
  • Ukraine
  • 15.05.2024
  • 14.05.2025

The public utility of Vinnytsia City Council Vinnytsiamiskteploenergo (Vinnytsiamiskteploenergo) intends to use the proceeds of grants from Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) Fund (up to EUR 3,000,000) and Sweden-Ukraine District Heating programme (SUDH) (up to EUR 3,000,000), both administered by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco), as well as proceeds of financing from Vinnytsia city council (up to EUR 1,500,000), towards the cost of the Project.

Project Description:

  • interconnection of the currently separately operated district heating networks supplied from boiler houses into one district heating network and replacement of existing district heating pipelines in worst condition;
  • installation of Individual Heating Substations (IHS) to enable demand driven operation of the interconnected district heating network.

Vinnytsiamiskteploenergo therefore announces competitive tendering for the works, goods and services defined by the above-named project and listed below.

Tendering for the contracts is planned to continue until November 2024.

Contractors will be selected for implementation of contracts in the following areas:

  • supply and reconstruction of district heating pipelines including main pipelines and distribution pipelines;
  • supply and installation of individual heating substations with automated control;
  • supply and installation of new network pumps.

Contracts will be subject to Nefco Procurement Policy and Procedures and are open for participation for firms from any country, unless otherwise specified in the procurement documents.

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