Case example: Energy-efficiency in public buildings

Improving energy-efficiency in day care centres, schools and hospitals, as well as district heating, are typical projects in the municipal sector that we can help to finance with loans and grants. Currently, we have refurbished over 400 public buildings in Ukraine, benefitting over 190,000 people, and more are on their way. Look at the video to learn more.

Improving energy security


Nefco can provide blended financing with loans and grants to municipalities in Eastern Europe to help them improve energy security and reach their emission targets.

We offer financing under this scheme to municipalities and utility companies in our core countries of operation in Eastern Europe. Typical projects relate to energy-efficiency measures in public buildings, district heating, wastewater management and solid waste management.

The maximum loan financing is normally EUR 5 million, provided together with dedicated grant funds. We also provide grant funding for technical assistance.

Who can apply for funding?

Municipalities and utility companies in Armenia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

We prioritise projects that have a high demonstration value and where the provided solutions have substantial upscaling potential.

Nefco requires borrowers to meet reasonable financial criteria, but the primary focus is on the positive environmental impacts of the project. In addition to the environmental aspects, we always examine the technical feasibility and financial profitability of all financed projects.

How to apply?

See further guidelines on how we can finance municipalities. You may also contact our Investment Managers for further details.


Ulf Bojö

Vice President, Green Transition Eastern Europe

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Vitaly Artyushchenko

Chief Investment Adviser, Consultant, Russia

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Sander Bredal

Investment Officer

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Aliona Fomenco

Investment Manager

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Henrik G. Forsström

Senior Adviser

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Ronny Nilsson

Senior Adviser, District Heating

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Julia Shevchuk

Chief Investment Adviser, Ukraine

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