Nefco carbon market activities

Managing groundbreaking carbon funds

As an innovator in climate finance, Nefco was an early adopter of project-based carbon markets. Since 2003, Nefco has established and managed several groundbreaking carbon funds that harness the power of carbon markets. These funds have empowered Nordic governments and companies to meet compliance needs. A total of EUR 280 million assets has been amassed, and over 31.6 million carbon credits generated.

Our carbon funds have achieved significant emission reductions across a wide span of projects, sectors and geographies. They have provided a pioneering testing ground for innovative, market-based approaches. The projects have enabled broader green growth benefits, including sustainable development and green technology transfer in several developing countries.

In addition, the carbon funds laid the foundations for facilitating important international partnerships. These have led the way in meeting the ambitious climate action goals of the Paris Agreement by piloting the next generation of carbon markets. The Nordic countries have played a pioneering role in supporting climate action and sustainable development in developing countries and promoting carbon pricing around the world. Now, the Nordics are playing a leading role in fostering a new generation of carbon market cooperation to support the Paris Agreement.

To discover more about our current initiative to support the development of global carbon market cooperation see our fact sheet ‘Nordic approach for ambitious and inclusive carbon market cooperation

Previous Nefco carbon financing activities

Nefco has been involved in activities specifically focused on climate change mitigation, including carbon and climate finance, as well as adaptation and sustainable development. We managed three carbon market facilities under the Kyoto Protocol: the Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility (TGF), the Nefco Carbon Fund (NeCF) and the Nefco Norwegian Carbon Procurement Facility (NorCaP).

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