1 First enquiry

If you are interested in receiving financing from Nefco to your green project, we kindly ask you to contact our Investment Managers and present your project idea to us. Contacts added to our instrument and facility pages.

2  Project proposal

To get a better understanding of the proposed project, Nefco will normally request you to provide key information of the project in the form of a prefeasibility study or a business plan, including preliminary calculations on financial feasibility, and a summary on environmental improvements.

Nefco’s environmental specialists will first give an opinion of the project’s expected environmental benefit and/or threats.

Nefco’s detailed project screening determines which projects we deem are likely to have a significant positive environmental impact or relate to environmentally sensitive areas and therefore need further environmental consideration.

3  Projects taken into the Nefco pipeline

If the project is deemed interesting by Nefco’s screening team, it will be taken into the Nefco project pipeline. If approved to the pipeline, an Investment proposal document is as the next step prepared by the Investment Manager to be presented to the Nefco Investment Committee.

4   Approval in principle

If a project is approved by the Nefco Investment Committee, it can be taken to the Nefco Board for Approval in principle, a first stage approval. This is the stage where most information, evaluation and analysis of the project is required. The different analysis include, but are not limited to, environmental and social impact of the project, financial analysis, integrity due diligence as well as different kind of risks analysis.

If the project passes the first stage approval by the Nefco Board, Nefco will prepare a Term Sheet setting out main commercial terms and conditions for the financing from Nefco. Once the Term Sheet has been signed the project may be presented for final approval for Nefco’s Investment Committee.

5  Final approval by Nefco Board

If Nefco’s Investment Committee decides to recommend the project proposal for financing, the project proposal is submitted to the Nefco Board for a second and final approval.

6  Project implementation and monitoring

If approved, investment documentation, based upon the agreed Term Sheet can commence. Included in the documentation are requirements to provide information to Nefco to monitor the implementation and the environmental and financial performance of the project.

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