Wastewater treatment

Since 1990, we have financed over 60 wastewater treatment plants in the Baltic Sea region, and currently 16 wastewater projects are being implemented in Estonia, Russia and Ukraine.

Water and wastewater

Nefco finances primarily wastewater treatment projects that reduce discharges of nutrients into the Baltic Sea. The Barents region is also of interest to us. We are particularly keen to finance projects that reduce discharges of phosphorus and nitrogen and improve the biological oxygen demand in the surrounding watercourses. Improved energy efficiency in connection with technological upgrades of existing wastewater treatment plants is also an important criterion for these kinds of projects.

In addition to addressing the removal of nutrients from wastewater, we are assessing other environmental threats such as the abundance of microplastics, pharmaceuticals and persistent organic pollutants and how to reduce such substances in wastewater. We have solid experience from financing wastewater treatment projects in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and have recently also approved wastewater treatment plants in Ukraine into the portfolio.