Waste and recycling

The general objective of Nefco´s involvement in the waste management sector is to minimise the amount of waste and improve treatment practices by, for example, lending support to sorting, recycling and re-using solid waste.

We are keen to address, for example, the following challenges in the solid waste sector:

  • Toxic compounds leaking into the soil, ground water and atmosphere from dumping grounds
  • Uncontrolled waste incineration creating hazardous atmospheric emissions
  • Non-recirculated waste consuming non-renewable resources

With the establishment of modern waste handling systems, more waste can be transformed into resources and products instead of creating the above-mentioned problems. Recycling of paper, plastics, chemicals, metals and textiles, solvents and e-waste are a priority area for Nefco.

Our experiences from the waste sector are largely centred on waste-to-energy investments aimed at extracting methane and producing energy in connection with waste disposal sites. We have financed such projects in, for example, Belarus and Lithuania. We have also financed feasibility studies that focus on ways to improve treatment of medical and domestic waste in the Barents Region.