Industry and services

Upgraded industrial production can reduce the consumption of energy, or minimise the use of raw materials or the quantity of waste, to mention a few examples. In industrial projects, Nefco attaches great importance to resource efficiency that can translate into efficient use and of raw materials such as metals, chemicals and water. Circular economy and minimising waste through reuse of raw materials used in the production process and closed loop systems is also prioritised by us. Reliance on best available technology that minimises energy consumption or production where the client can replace hazardous substances with safer alternatives is also an important aspect that characterises sustainable industrial investments.

The positive environmental effects may be obtained directly by the investment or indirectly through Nefco’s financial support to companies producing environmental equipment such as sulphur scrubbers, chemicals related to water treatment or insulation material, to mention a few examples. In these cases, the environmental impact is achieved at the consumer level.

Our industrial project portfolio comprises, for example, upgraded cement production, modernisation of a factory producing insulation materials, replacement of PVC plastics with polyethylene and production of waterborne paints.