Implemented energy-saving measures

Over 170,000 people benefitting directly from our municipal projects in Ukraine since 2010

Energy efficiency

Nefco finances projects in a variety of sectors in which energy consumption can be reduced and/or fossil fuels can be substituted by renewable alternatives. Such projects may include the installation of modern technology at water/wastewater treatment plants, improved efficiency at power plants, insulation of buildings and improved process technology at industrial enterprises.

Energy-saving measures in municipally owned buildings such as schools, day-care centres, hospitals and sports facilities are one of our main investment areas in Ukraine. The energy-saving measures can include, for instance, refurbishment of heat sub-centrals and installation of thermostatic valves together with insulation of windows and doors.

Energy efficiency projects also include replacement of mercury-vapour street lamps with energy-saving alternatives, such as LED lamps. We are also involved in several district heating projects in Ukraine through our fund management assignments.