General commitments, principles and obligations

Nefco’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy sets out the commitments, principles and obligations of Nefco’s financing activities and internal operations.

The policy, which was updated in 2022, reflects Nordic priorities and Nefco’s strategy to accelerate the green transition and support concrete actions toward achieving carbon neutrality and a sustainable, circular and biodiversity-positive economy.

One objective is to increase the share of EU Taxonomy-aligned projects in our portfolio and set clear boundaries for activities to which Nefco is unwilling to make commitments. The exclusion list contained in the policy is the first of its kind for Nefco. The policy lists a number of exclusions related to fossil fuels, forestry and husbandry, as well as those made on the basis of ethics, laws and conventions.

Guidelines for applicants and project owners

Over its 30-year journey, Nefco has developed its own procedures for environmental and social assessments, project management and monitoring as well as financial and integrity due diligence, all of which are integrated into the investment process.

In our Environmental and Sustainability Guidelines, we describe how we assess the environmental and sustainability aspects of the projects we finance. This sustainability assessment covers not only the activity being financed but also how sustainability is integrated throughout the client organisations. Through dialogue, we aim to increase understanding of sustainability aspects within client organisations and support effective implementation and management of their green projects.

Our aim is to ensure:

  • projects generate substantial positive environmental impacts and contributes to and accelerates the green transition
  • possible environmental and other sustainability risks are sufficiently considered and appropriately mitigated
  • clients work strategically and formally to anchor sustainability in their business plans and daily operations

Read more in Nefco’s Environmental and Sustainability Guidelines

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For further enquiries, please contact our environmental and sustainability experts.

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