New Programme Manager for the Arctic Council Project Support Instrument (PSI)

Ulf Bojö, Senior Investment Manager at the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) has been appointed as the new Programme Manager for the Arctic Council Project Support Instrument (PSI) as of 1 April 2019. PSI is a funding mechanism managed by NEFCO and available to projects initiated by all of the Arctic Council working groups. The objective of the instrument is to finance initiatives aimed at preventing and mitigating pollution of the Arctic Region. Five projects, mainly by the Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP) and Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), are currently under implementation.

Mr Bojö is taking over the role from Special Adviser Husamuddin Ahmadzai, who has lead the programme since the project activities began in 2014. Mr Husamuddin will now retire from NEFCO after a long and productive career.

Having worked for NEFCO since 2006, Mr Bojö is well acquainted with NEFCO’s financing operations and project criteria. He also speaks fluently Swedish, English, Russian and Italian. “I look very much forward to take on the task to further develop the PSI instrument together with all the stakeholders. We are keen on supporting project development and preparation, as well as concrete demonstration projects through the fund. In the long run, we expect PSI-funded projects to lead to the reduction of black carbon and CO2 emissions, the mitigation of persistent toxic substances and to improved bio-diversity in the Arctic region.”

You are welcome to contact Mr Bojö for further information about project funding. He will also be in Rovaniemi for the Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council on 6-7 May.

Ulf Bojö, PSI Programme Manager
Tel: +358 10 6180 637
Mobile: +358 40 527 3699
Email: ulf.bojo [at]

The Arctic Council PSI is a voluntary, non-exclusive mechanism that can use a broad range of funding arrangements, including grants and revolving instruments. The PSI is administered by NEFCO, and the fund provides financing for priority pollution-mitigation projects approved by the Arctic Council. The PSI is governed by a PSI Committee, which is composed of representatives of the contributors, currently from Finland, Iceland, NEFCO, Norway, the Russian Federation, the Saami Council, Sweden and the United States. Read more >>

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