Ukrainian Ministry and Nefco to cooperate on a green recovery

Nefco and the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine have signed a Memorandum on Cooperation to mark the importance of close collaboration to support a green recovery in war-damaged Ukraine.

The new Nefco Green Recovery Programme for Ukraine was launched in July 2022 and the purpose is to provide financial and technical assistance to municipalities to conduct repairs and rebuild critical infrastructure in an environmentally sustainable way and support them in accommodating internally displaced people.

The Memorandum on Cooperation states that the parties will cooperate to support urgent housing needs, rebuild municipal infrastructure such as district heating, water and wastewater systems and solid waste management, and implement energy-efficient repairs.

“The level of critical infrastructure damage caused by the military invasion is tremendous. There is an urgent need for support to small and medium-sized municipalities to rebuild Ukraine. We believe Nefco has the necessary experience in reconstruction and modernisation and greatly appreciate its help,” said Mr Oleksiy Chernyshov, Minister for Communities and Territorial Development of Ukraine, in connection with the programme launch.

The aim of the Nefco Green Recovery Programme for Ukraine is to work towards a long-term green recovery by collaborating directly with municipalities and helping them to plan and finance a sustainable recovery from the damage caused by the Russian military invasion and support them to design Local Green Recovery Plans. This will provide swift improvements in living conditions for internally displaced people and permanent residents and ensure that general recovery investments will provide Ukraine with a new, EU-aligned pathway for sustainable reconstruction and a faster green transition.

“We have been implementing public infrastructure projects in Ukraine to support a green transition for over ten years and are very pleased that the Ministry will actively support our new programme to implement concrete actions to support Ukraine in building back better and greener,” commented Ulf Bojö, Vice President, Green Transition in Eastern Europe at Nefco.

Nefco has already started practical recovery project preparations in collaboration with its existing network of municipal clients and the aim is to have initial projects implemented by the end of 2022. The Nefco Green Recovery Programme for Ukraine will be implemented together with Nordic, European and multinational contributors and institutions.

Nefco has financed over 320 projects in Ukraine since 2010, of which more than 240 have been implemented in cooperation with Ukrainian municipalities, for energy-efficiency improvements and modernisations to public buildings, district heating and water and wastewater processes.

For further information

For more information on the Nefco Green Recovery Programme for Ukraine, please see or contact:

Ulf Bojö, Vice President, Green Transition in Eastern Europe, Nefco, +358 40 527 3699

Josefin Hoviniemi, Vice President, Communications, Nefco, +358 50 4646995

Photo: Attacked Nefco financed hospital in Trostyanets in Eastern Ukraine – City of Trostyanets

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