Swedish minister visits a NEFCO-financed day-care centre in Ukraine

The Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, Peter Eriksson, visited the NEFCO-financed day-care centre No. 431 in Kyiv in connection to his official visit to Ukraine this week.

Day-care centre No. 431, located west of the centre of Kyiv, has been refurbished. A complete set of energy-efficiency measures was implemented in the building during 2017-2018. The façade and roof was insulated, doors and windows replaced with energy-efficient ones, and new LED lamps installed both inside and in the surrounding playground. A new individual heating substation was also installed which enables the day-care centre to regulate the temperature itself.

“It is difficult to believe now that the day-care centre was built in 1964. In connection with the thermal rehabilitation, it was possible to get rid of all the defects of the old building. The construction works lasted six months and were completed in April 2018. During this period, the 220 children were moved to neighbouring day-care centres,” explained Petryk Olena, Head Master of day-care centre No. 431 during the project visit.

“Ukraine has an enormous potential when it comes to increasing energy efficiency, as for many other parts of the world. I’m happy to see that Sweden can contribute to making a more sustainable use of energy and reduce the need for import”, said Peter Eriksson, Minister for International Development Cooperation in the Government of Sweden in connection to his visit at day-care centre No. 431.

“We are very pleased that Minister Peter Eriksson wanted to visit one of NEFCO’s financed municipal projects in connection with his visit to Ukraine. Support from Sweden has been crucial to the development of NEFCO’s activities in Ukraine’s municipal sector. We have approved financing for over 240 projects in Ukraine, of which approx. 180 within the public sector. We meet many administrative and other challenges when implementing projects here in Ukraine, but we have many good examples, such as this day-care centre. Greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs have been reduced, while the indoor conditions for the children and staff have been improved,” said Ulf Bojö, Senior Investment Manager at NEFCO, in connection to Minister Peter Eriksson’s visit at the day-care centre in Kyiv.

The renovations at day-care centre No. 431 were carried out within a large-scale energy-efficiency project implemented by the municipal company Kyiv Public Buildings Energy Efficiency Project Implementation Unit (GVP), which specialises in energy efficiency.Project financing was provided by the city of Kyiv, Sweden, the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and NEFCO.

Within the project, measures were taken to improve the efficiency of approx. 300 municipal buildings. The main focus was on the day-care centres, which had abnormally high energy consumption due to the deterioration of the heating systems. Sixteen day-care centres underwent full thermal modernisation, 33 educational buildings had new LED lighting installed, and the individual heating substations in all the day-care centres were either rehabilitated (256 buildings) or newly installed (26 buildings).

The project exceeded expectations and at the same time came in within budget. The CO2 emissions decreased by 11,000 tonnes annually while heat usage decreased by 40,000 gigacalories. The project has also resulted in substantial cost savings in energy consumption. Monitoring of the project results shows that between 2015 and 2018 the savings totalled UAH 100 million (EUR 3.4 million).

In total, the energy-efficiency project in Kyiv has benefitted 140,000 children and staff in the city, as the buildings are now more comfortable and the learning environment has improved. A new largeenergy-efficiency project is currently being developed between NEFCO and the city of Kyiv that will include about 450 additional public buildings: day-care centres, schools and other institutions.

For further information, please contact:
Ulf Bojö, Senior Investment Manager at NEFCO
ulf.bojo@nefco.fi, tel. +358 10 6180 637

Julia Shevchuk, Chief Investment Adviser at NEFCO
J.Shevchuk@nefco.int.ua, tel. +380 50 358 3518

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