New video on cleantech investments in Russia and Ukraine

New video on cleantech investments in Russia and Ukraine

NEFCO has released a new video on its cleantech investments in Russia and Ukraine. Cleantech is a generic name for companies that use the best available technology to manufacture goods or provide services that cause minimal damage to the environment.

In real terms these companies either help to reduce emissions of substances harmful to the environment or decrease energy consumption. It is estimated that Finland alone has some 2,000 cleantech firms. The sector includes companies specialising in energy efficiency, recycling, renewable energy, clean production processing, waste management, sewage treatment, or the filtering of airborne emissions.

The video shows how NEFCO is promoting such investments and thereby reducing discharges of toxic substances in Russia and Ukraine.

“We hope that this video will inspire cleantech companies to approach us and find out how NEFCO can finance similar investments in the countries concerned”, says NEFCO’s Communications Manager, Mikael Sjövall.

The cleantech sector in Eastern Europe is expected to grow at an annual rate of over six per cent, with aggregate sales amounting to around EUR 12 billion.

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