NEFCO releases video on carbon financing

Interview with Plant Manager Peep Kruuser at Saaremaa, Estonia

NEFCO releases a video clip on carbon financing and the corporation’s investments in renewable energy in Estonia. The video focuses at two projects, namely a wind park in Viru Nigula and a biogas project in Saaremaa in western Estonia. Both projects have been classified as so called Joint Implementation (JI) projects under the Kyoto protocol.

“We hope that the demo video will bring NEFCO closer to people and show potential investors what kind of projects we are financing. By showing concrete projects on the ground, we can also demonstrate what NEFCO is doing to combat climate change, said Communications Manager Mikael Sjövall.

“These investments illustrate a range of benefits to the economy, environment and wider society. These include introduction of new technology, capital investment and skills to Estonia, reduced climate change impacts from power generation and improved energy security, said Ash Sharma, Senior Investment Manager with responsibility for Carbon Financing.

The carbon finance comes from the Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility, one of the carbon funds managed by NEFCO. The JI component of the Viru Nigula project is co-financed with the Swedish Energy Agency.

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