NEFCO Carbon Fund adds Danish investor

The State Unitary Heat Enterprise in Murmansk. A possible business partner for carbon financing.

The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation’s NEFCO Carbon Fund (NeCF), a Public Private Partnership, announces a new investor into the Fund as The Danish Energy Agency decides to invest in the newly established carbon fund.

The Danish Energy Agency is an Agency under the Ministry of Climate and Energy, which has responsibility for the JI and CDM programmes of the Danish state. The agency is an existing investor in the Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility, a carbon fund fund managed by NEFCO, which invests in Joint Implementation programmes.

The fund’s target capitalisation is €50 million, of which €37 million has now been pledged. The initial investors were DONG Energy and NEFCO itself. The fund may close at, below or above this level, and is by invitation only.

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Danish Energy Agency

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