NEFCO and NIB make a commitment before the Baltic Sea Action Summit

Cleaner water for the Baltic Sea. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger

Ahead of the Baltic Sea Action Summit, NEFCO and the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), have committed to actively supporting interested parties in order to make Baltic Sea projects bankable.

The objective is to develop and implement concrete, cost-efficient investments that lead to a reduction of pollution in the Baltic Sea.

The institutions will facilitate this through active use of their financial instruments. Through the new BSAP fund the institutions can provide grants for technical assistance to projects that support the implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan. A series of meetings in the Baltic Sea countries will be arranged during the coming months to present the fund and to identify relevant projects.

The Baltic Sea Action Summit will convene in Helsinki on 10 February. Its central idea is to provide a platform for arriving at practical commitments to save the Baltic Sea. The region’s states and corporations and organisations will make concrete commitments which can be interlinked with the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan.

The summit is expected to attract prime ministers, government officials, companies and journalists from the entire Baltic Sea region.

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