NEFCO and Neste Jacobs to cooperate on oil offloading ventures

Murmansk hosts one of Russia's oil harbours. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger

NEFCO and Neste Jacobs have reached an agreement to finance and implement projects to ensure the safe offloading of oil products at terminals in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Under the terms of the agreement, NEFCO will fund the operations while Neste Jacobs will provide the oil offloading technology and its engineering services.

Neste Jacobs, which is the leading provider of engineering services for oil, chemical and biotechnology companies in the Nordic region, has considerable experience in supplying oil offloading equipment and its ECOARM technology is highly regarded in the industry. The system, among other things, effectively prevents leakages and discharges of oil products into the environment during the offloading process from railway containers.

ECOARM products, which include pumping heads, jet pipes, heat exchanger units and hydraulic units are partly manufactured and assembled in Finland by PMC Polarteknik.

NEFCO has previously financed a wide range of projects to reduce discharges of hazardous chemicals and oil products into the environment in Eastern Europe. The corporation has also financed delivery of oil spill response equipment to ecologically vulnerable areas in Russia.
Through its Barents Hot Spots Facility, NEFCO has financed feasibility studies to rehabilitate soil at contaminated oil terminals.

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