Modernised street lighting and refurbished educational buildings improve energy efficiency in the city of Fastiv

In the city of Fastiv, situated in the Kyiv oblast, a project improving energy efficiency was recently completed. Inhabitants of the city already benefit from modernised street lighting and refurbished educational buildings. As a result of the modernisation, energy consumption to heat the educational buildings has decreased by 30%.

The cooperation between NEFCO and the city of Fastiv began in 2016. Back then, an energy audit of several educational facilities was conducted upon the request of the City Council to determine the city’s most costly energy assets. Apart from public buildings, it was identified that the city’s street lighting could bring substantial additional savings if modernised. To finance the modernisation, financial agreements between NEFCO and Fastiv city were signed in December 2016.

All objects of the project were fully completed in October 2020, and now 45,000 inhabitants of Fastiv benefit from modernised street lighting and educational facilities. The project has resulted in greater savings than estimated. The project will lead to approx. 650 MWh in annual heat savings in the renovated buildings and approx. 600 MWh in annual electricity savings from the modernised lighting system. These savings will result in a total of EUR 110,000 in annual cost savings for the city.

As part of the project, four educational facilities, schools No.1 and No. 2 and day-care centres No. 6 and No.11 were modernised. Windows and doors were replaced and the building envelopes were insulated. Furthermore, heat regulation and a heat pump, to improve the efficiency of hot water production, were installed at day-care centre No. 11. All these implemented energy-efficiency measures have reduced the heat consumption by some 30% in these educational buildings and significantly increased the comfort for over 1,800 children and staff.

The modernisation of the street lighting network included replacement of over 1,000 luminaries with new LED lamps, which covered about 25% of the city’s total street lighting network. New energy-efficient outdoor lighting has resulted in several benefits for the inhabitants. Firstly, LED lamps are far more efficient than old sodium and mercury lamps, resulting in about 50% reduction in electricity consumption, and LED lamps have three to eight times longer operational life, which reduces both electricity consumption and maintenance costs. Secondly, well-lit streets and city roads significantly improve safety for both car drivers and pedestrians. The old lighting fixtures have been recycled by an authorised company in accordance with NEFCO’s requirements.

The total investment by the project was about EUR 544,000, of which nearly UAH 9 million was a loan from NEFCO (approx. EUR 300,000) from its Energy Saving Credits facility and the city’s own financing of about UAH 2.7 million (approx. EUR 90,000). In addition, the project received a grant, EUR 154,600, from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environmental Partnership (E5P).

More information

The Energy Saving Credits (ESC) Facility offers small-scale financing to municipalities in Armenia, Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, Russia and Ukraine for investments in social facilities such as day-care centres, schools, hospitals and street lighting. The funding can be used for energy-saving measures in connection with the refurbishment of public buildings and modernisation of the street lighting.

The energy-saving measures financed by the ESC facility can include renovation of heat sub-centrals, installation of individual heat substations, insulation of walls, ceilings, pipes, and replacement of doors and windows with energy-efficient alternatives, as well as replacement of fluorescent and mercury-vapour fixtures with environmentally friendly LED lights.

Photo: Refurbished day-care centre No.11 in city of Fastiv. Taken by FIATU for NEFCO.

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