Linda Lundqvist appointed Chief Compliance Officer of NEFCO

Linda Lundqvist (LL.M) has been appointed Chief Compliance Officer of NEFCO as of 14 April 2020. Through this new independent function, NEFCO is seeking to strengthen its compliance and integrity procedures.

Linda Lundqvist

Ms Lundqvist has extensive experience from a broad range of legal and compliance areas in international financial institutions. She has held various senior positions, most recently as General Counsel and Head of Legal at the Global Green Growth Institute and as Legal Counsel/Senior Legal Consultant at the Green Climate Fund, both located in South Korea. Ms Lundqvist has previously also worked for the Nordic Development Fund and the Nordic Investment Bank, and through earlier tasks become familiar with NEFCO’s operating environment.

NEFCO is an international financial institution managing both its own capital and trust funds for financing green projects globally. NEFCO is committed to ensuring that its financing is used only for the intended purpose and that resources entrusted to NEFCO are managed with the highest level of integrity.

As a Chief Compliance Officer, Ms Lundqvist will focus on further strengthening the work on integrity, ethics and compliance throughout NEFCO operations. This will include identifying and monitoring compliance risks, handling complaints and investigations, drafting policies and guidance documents and providing training for staff in matters related to compliance, ethics and integrity. The Chief Compliance Officer will also chair NEFCO’s Committee on Fighting Corruption.

In her role as Chief Compliance Officer, Ms Lundqvist will report directly to the Managing Director and will have unrestricted access to the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Chair of the Control Committee of NEFCO.

New integrity and compliance policy documents available

The Board of NEFCO has recently approved new policies related to how NEFCO deals with anti-corruption, compliance and integrity due diligence, as well as sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in its operations.

NEFCO’s policies and guidelines can be found on the website

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