Highlights from NEFCO’s activities in 2019

The year 2019 was characterised by an increased lending activity and a record year for disbursements to projects. All projects financed and implemented by NEFCO are expected to generate positive results in terms of environment and sustainability.

The investments carried out in 2019 have a wide sector spread. Climate investments and projects continue to dominate. Energy efficiency measures are the biggest single category, but there has also been a positive increase in projects related to renewable energy production, cleaner technology and other innovative green solutions through circular economy and resource efficiency.

“The last year was a record year for disbursements to projects, which means that our lending activity has increased even more than planned,” said NEFCO’s Managing Director Trond Moe.

“In our green growth area, there is a strong demand for our facility in providing risk financing for Nordic companies in their growth phases. The global Covid-19 outbreak is putting extreme financial stress on many companies, however, I do believe that Nordic companies with their technology know-how and innovations can contribute to the green recovery on a global level, and we can finance these companies on their way to internationalisation.”

Overall, 120 new projects were agreed during 2019 and at the end of the year NEFCO had 359 active projects in its portfolio. EUR 82 million were disbursed to small and medium-sized projects during the year.

The Annual Review, which highlights NEFCO’s main activities, development steps and impact is available as a digital publication. It can also be downloaded in PDF format. Open the review in your browser.

The complete financial statements, the Report from the Board of Directors and the Environmental Report, are available in PDF format on nefco.int.

For further information, please contact:

Trond Moe, Managing Director
trond.moe@nefco.fi, Tel: +358 10 6180 662

Photo: Erkki Punttila for NEFCO

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