Great interest for the Nordic Climate Facility

Irrigation of farmland. Droughts are expected to increase in the Southern hemisphere as a result of climate change.

The Nordic Climate Facility, launched in autumn 2009, has attracted great interest. The response to the first call for proposals was larger than expected. A total of 138 applications were received, of which 33 projects have been shortlisted for full proposals.

The facility supports technology and know-how exchange between the Nordic countries and low-income countries in the area of climate change.

The call for project proposals related to two areas; water resources and energy efficiency.

The 138 proposals were almost equally divided between these two areas and targeted 24 NDF countries, of which the majority in Africa. The proposals came from all of the five Nordic countries—Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden—and from various types of organisations, such as consulting companies, manufacturers and non-governmental organisations. The deadline for the proposals was 29 January.

The Nordic Climate Facility is administered in partnership between NEFCO and the Nordic Development Fund.

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