First energy-efficiency improvements in public buildings implemented in the city of Kaniv, Ukraine

Implemented energy-efficiency measures in the city of Kaniv have contributed to modernised educational facilities and improved learning environments for the children in the city.

The cooperation between the city of Kaniv and Nefco began in 2019. The aim was to improve energy efficiency in two educational buildings in the city. Renovations and energy-efficiency measures have been implemented in School No. 6 (Grades I-III), which is specialised in studies of foreign languages, and in the combined day-care centre and pre-school No. 6 Teremok.

Prior to the renovations, it used to be quite uncomfortable for the schoolchildren to study in the school due to damp and low temperatures in the classrooms, but thanks to the renovations and installed individual heating units, the temperature can now be adjusted according to the weather conditions. Some 1,100 children and staff can now enjoy comfortable indoor environments thanks to the modernised buildings and installed energy-efficient measures, enabling the schoolchildren to focus on their studies.

“School No. 6 and day-care centre No. 6 are good demonstrational examples of modernised educational facilities with appropriate conditions for learning and teaching. The renovated school has already activated parents to enrol their children in the school, and the number of first year pupils almost doubled last year. Thanks to the support and financing received from Nefco and all the other financiers, we are able to abide by the European energy-efficiency standards and have managed to provide comfortable learning environments for our children and started to improve our educational institutions throughout the city,” said Ihor Renkas, Mayor of Kaniv.

The total project budget was UAH 26 million (approx. EUR 835,000), with EUR 500,000 in loan financing from Nefco through the Energy Saving Credits Facility, EUR 200,000 in grant financing from the Norway-Ukraine Energy Efficiency Initiative (NUEE) and EUR 135,000 in a local contribution from the city of Kaniv.

“This is our first implemented project in Ukraine with grant funding from the Norway-Ukraine Energy Efficiency Initiative. We have had very good cooperation with the city administration throughout the project, and thanks to the joint efforts by all the involved parties, we have managed to implement the first energy-efficient investments in the city of Kaniv,” commented Anna Minakova, Project Manager and Technical Consultant at Nefco in Ukraine.

In addition, the heat modernisations of day-care centre No. 6 and school No. 6 were supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine, which has provided 21 fans with heat recuperation in connection to the renovations.

The implemented energy-efficiency measures contribute to a reduction in energy consumption and lower administrative costs for the city of Kaniv. Thanks to the implemented measures, the annual electricity savings will be approx. 7.8 MWh and the annual heat savings will be approx. 830 MWh, resulting in an energy saving of 65% compared to the situation prior to the renovations. This will result in approx. EUR 106,000 (UAH 3.5 million) in annual cost savings for the city and reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 300 tonnes annually from approx. 550,000 tonnes annually, which is a 54% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The implemented measures in the renovated buildings include insulation of walls and replacement of doors and windows. The roof of day-care centre No. 6 has been replaced and the roof at school No. 6 insulated, and the heating and ventilation systems have been replaced. In connection with the roof renovations, some five tonnes of dismantled materials containing harmful asbestos were removed and, together with about 1,000 replaced mercury-vapour lamps, these have been disposed of according to Nefco policies and EU regulations.

About the Norway-Ukraine Energy Efficiency Initiative (NUEE)

The NUEE initiative, with EUR 20 million grant funding from Norway through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, was launched in February 2020 and aims to scale up municipal financing for energy efficiency in public buildings, strengthen self-governance in Ukrainian municipalities and highlight sustainable procurement practices during the implementation of the programme. NUEE is financing socially important municipal buildings, such as day-care centres, health care facilities and schools, as well as demonstration projects that benefit vulnerable groups, such as internally displaced persons from the conflict areas in Eastern Ukraine. Read more at

Photo: School No. 6 in Kaniv – iC Consulenten for Nefco

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