Finland allocates funds for energy efficiency measures in Ukraine

The energy efficiency investments will benefit school children in Eastern Ukraine. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger

The Finnish Government has announced that it will pledge EUR 3 million to the newly-established grant funding programme, the Nordic energy efficiency and humanitarian support initiative. The pledge was voiced on Tuesday by Finland’s Secretary of State, Peter Stenlund, at a donor conference in Kiev.

The international support for Ukraine conference aims at raising funds for reconstruction initiatives in Eastern Ukraine. NEFCO’s Managing Director Magnus Rystedt attended the event.

The Nordic energy efficiency and humanitarian support initiative was established in October last year in conjunction with the Nordic Council’s session in Stockholm. The initiative is funded by the Nordic countries and administered by NEFCO. The assistance from this fund is provided primarily for the refurbishment and reconstruction of municipal buildings in the war-torn, vulnerable areas of Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Emphasis will be placed on social infrastructure, such as schools, day care centres and health centres.

“We are pleased by Finland’s contribution, as this will enable us to identify and finance a larger amount of projects than we had anticipated earlier,” says Senior Investment Manager Amund Beitnes from NEFCO.

The Nordic energy efficiency and humanitarian support initiative currently has funds to a total value of EUR 5.6 million. Further allocations to the fund will be made in 2015. The initiative has so far allocated funding for ten projects in Eastern Ukraine. The planned energy efficiency measures will be implemented in the cities of Berdiansk, Lozovo, Pavlograd, Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk, Izum, Chuhuiv, Kupyansk and Dniprodzerzhynsk.

The projects at hand are geared towards addressing energy efficiency measures in municipally-owned buildings. NEFCO’s office in Kiev has mapped out the specific needs in relevant municipalities as well as identified their capacity to specify technical requirements in order to prepare the projects that will be rolled out within the programme this year.

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