Financing for new school building in Kherson, Ukraine

The school children in Kherson, Ukraine will benefit from the investment. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger

The city of Kherson in South-Eastern Ukraine and NEFCO have signed a grant agreement aimed at financing a new school building in Kherson. The project is funded by the Nordic Energy Efficiency and Humanitarian Support Initiative, which is managed by NEFCO.

The fund was established by the Nordic governments in 2014 in order to support energy-efficiency investments in Ukrainian municipalities that have been affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

The project in Kherson will focus on the delivery and erection of a prefabricated, energy efficient school building. Some 1,200 children will benefit from the investment as the school will also be used as a social centre for internally displaced persons from areas affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The project forms part of a separate window financed by the Finnish government. Finland has committed to financing prefabricated and transportable buildings to be erected in vulnerable areas where there is an influx of internally displaced persons. The investments are earmarked for projects that upgrade the social infrastructure such as schools, day-care centres, hospitals and health care centres.

“We are impressed by the swift project preparation and the local commitment to get things going,” said Investment Manager Maria Maliniemi from NEFCO after signing the agreement in Kherson today.

The project will have environmental benefits in terms of reduced emissions of carbon and sulphur dioxide as well as nitrogen oxides. The school building will also serve as a demonstration project to be applied elsewhere in Ukraine. The Municipality of Kherson will cover local costs related to site preparation and connecting the new school building to the existing water, sewage, electricity and heating networks.

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