External members appointed to NEFCO’s Sanctions Panel

NEFCO’s Board of Directors has appointed Ms Jelena Madir and Mr Rohil Hafeez as external members of NEFCO’s Sanctions Panel. The appointment follows the adoption of the new policy on anticorruption and compliance, which came into effect on 1 January 2020.

As part of the renewed policy, the Sanctions Panel was established to decide on the sanctioning of external entities and individuals that have been investigated under the Policy for suspected engagement in Prohibited Practices (as defined in the Policy) in relation to projects financed by NEFCO. The Sanctions Panel comprises three (3) members at a time: one external expert; one senior NEFCO staff member; and NEFCO’s Managing Director. The two appointed external members will alternate to serve on the Sanctions Panel.

Both members have extensive experience from the field. They were chosen among 18 candidates after an open recruitment process.

Ms Jelena Madir is currently working as General Counsel for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in Geneva, and is member of the Gavi Executive Team. Prior to that, she worked nearly 11 years at EBRD being strongly involved in the bank’s sanctions policies and procedures, including as the Secretary to EBRD’s Enforcement Committee. Ms Madir has a strong track record in FinTech, compliance and sanctions issues and has been member of a number of Boards. Her PhD thesis dealt with Sanctions Regimes of Multilateral Development Banks.

Mr Rohil Hafeez is a Chartered Accountant and an experienced IFI executive with broad experience in financial operations, risk management and adjudication. He has been Chief Risk Officer and the manager responsible for sponsor integrity due diligence at IFC, and held various positions in the World Bank Group and Deloitte. Mr Hafeez is also member of the sanctions panel of the Nordic Investment Bank and a senior advisor to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Read more about NEFCO’s Policy on Anticorruption and Compliance.

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