Energy saving promoted in Ukraine

Magnus Rystedt and Vosnuk Mykola surrounded by journalists at Bank Lviv.

NEFCO’s and Bank Lviv’s joint loan facility aimed at promoting energy efficiency is now fully operational. NEFCO’s Managing Director Magnus Rystedt and Vosnuk Mykola, Chairman of the Board at Bank Lviv, signed the agreement in Lviv, western Ukraine on Wednesday.

The agreement was signed in connection to NEFCO’s own board meeting that was held in Lviv this week.

Loans will primarily be granted to small and medium sized enterprises or private households. Bank Lviv has committed to finance one third of the lending programme, which in total amounts to 3 million euros.

In practice, the money will be used for more efficient insulation of buildings, installation of modern boilers and environmentally sound technology for heating of households and small factories.

The planned energy saving projects will save heating costs by approximately 50-66 per cent in the buildings concerned. NEFCO has financed totally eleven environmental projects in Ukraine since 2004. Most of the projects have been implemented in industrial or agricultural sectors.

For more information, please contact:
Torben Vindeløv, Vice President, NEFCO, +358 50 520 7249
Mikael Sjövall, Communications Manager, NEFCO, +358 50 3535 045

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