Emission monitoring service Aeromon scales up with financing from Nefco

Aeromon’s service enables efficient and accurate emissions reduction and pollution prevention for industrial customers. A EUR 2 million loan from Nefco will support the Finnish company’s international expansion.

Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank – has provided a EUR 2 million loan to Aeromon Oy, a Finnish company that provides mobile emission monitoring as a service. The financing from Nefco will support the scale-up of Aeromon’s business in Europe.

Aeromon utilises proprietary technology to map and quantify emissions and airborne pollutants from large industrial facilities such as power plants, chemical production sites, oil refineries, landfills, steel mills and mines. The end-product of Aeromon’s measurement services is a comprehensive report on airborne emissions, which allows its clients, usually industrial customers, to quickly address leaks or process issues that may result in harmful emissions.

“We are pleased to support Aeromon’s scale-up in Europe. Aeromon’s service helps companies transition to low-carbon operation and achieve their sustainability goals. The accurate measurement data provided by Aeromon enables its clients to respond to issues quickly and identify approaches for improved environmental management. The scale-up is timely, considering the upcoming EU methane regulation, which is an important market driver,” says Vivi Avikainen, Investment Manager, Nefco.

The main environmental benefit of Aeromon’s solution is that it enables emissions reductions and prevents pollution. Aeromon’s device can detect, locate and quantify a number of gaseous compounds, including methane, VOC, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, as well as particulates and noise. All these fugitive emissions have either climate, environmental and/or health impacts. Tackling methane emissions in particular is essential for achieving the EU’s climate targets and is a priority of the European Green Deal. Methane is the biggest contributor to climate change after CO2 and is responsible for about 30% of current global warming. It contributes some 12% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions and has a significant climate impact due to it being 28 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

“The financing from Nefco will enable us to take an important step in expanding our services, contributing to the oil and gas industry’s efforts to mitigate airborne emissions and combat climate change on a larger scale,” says Maria Kuosa, CEO, Aeromon Oy.

Compared to traditional methods, Aeromon’s solution can cover large areas quickly and accurately and enables monitoring of areas that are inaccessible by foot. Aeromon’s solution provides extensive information about fugitive emissions and their sources, which helps its clients not only prevent such emissions and fulfil regulatory requirements but also improve emissions reporting. Aeromon’s customers receive real-time visual data that enables improved reporting and decision-making for maintenance prioritisation and leak detection and prevention.

For more information, please contact:

Vivi Avikainen, Investment Manager, Nefco
vivi.avikainen@nefco.int, +358 10 6180 661

Maria Kuosa, CEO, Aeromon
maria@aeromon.io, +358 400 775 408

About Aeromon

Aeromon provides the ultimate bird’s-eye view of emissions. We have experience measuring a wide variety of airborne pollutants such as Methane and VOCs on site, both onshore and offshore, and our reports help our clients to improve their emissions reporting according to OGMP 2.0 Level 5 and EN17628 requirements and achieve their sustainability goals. You can only manage what you can measure. Let us help you clear the air.

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