Promoting export of Nordic solutions

Why buyer credits?

Nordic Export Credit Agencies and commercial banks have reported that for certain countries there is a lack of financing intermediaries or providers for projects worth less than EUR 5 million due to the proportionally high administrative costs. In response, Nefco has established a credit line for small and medium-sized projects guaranteed by Nordic Export Credit Agencies to serve as a demonstration project when no other source of financing is available.

With the guarantee of a Nordic Export Credit Agency, Nefco can provide buyer credits for environmentally sound investments and deliveries of goods and related services. The credit line offers loan financing for clients primarily in Eastern Europe to finance cleantech deliveries from Nordic countries worth less than EUR 5 million.


Nefco, in close co-operation with Nordic Export Credit Agencies, can finance up to 85 per cent of the total value of Nordic deliveries with a buyer credit.

The environmental benefits of this credit line arrangement will arise from the delivery and installation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Nordic technology. The credit line can consider projects in, for example, the mining, water, energy and agricultural sectors, as well as the food industry.

The purpose of this financial instrument is to enable small and medium-sized Nordic companies to deliver equipment for a number of projects and investments outside the Nordic region.

Who can apply for funding?

A Nordic company exporting environmentally sustainable products, machinery or services to Eastern Europe, such as Armenia, Belarus*, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine, is eligible to apply.

How to apply?

See contact details below to contact us for further information on buyer credit financing.

Nordic Export Credit Agencies

*Nefco is currently not engaging in new projects in Belarus and Russia


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