Traditional Knowledge of the Northern Waters

The project envisaged development of a comprehensive network to monitor the Ponoi and Näätämö watershed in the context of rapidly proceeding climate change that is impacting the biodiversity of these catchment areas.

Project partners:
Snowchange Cooperative
Saa’mi Nuett
Swedish Biodiversity Centre/Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Lovozero Centre for the development of leisure and culture
Regional cultural and indigenous organisation

Co-operation Network for Northwest Russian Protected Areas

The project provided high-level of capacity building for a large number of Russian national parks and nature reserves who are key players in this area.

Project partners:
University of Helsinki, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The Institute of Biology of the Komi Scientific Centre

Facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building through network activities and learning-by-doing

The project envisaged to find a method for identifying, accessing and quantifying regional GHG emissions and removals, to develop a regional strategy and action plan for mitigation and adaptation to climate change and joint knowledge sharing and development.

Project partners:
County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
Sweden Troms fylkeskommune
Environmental Investments Centre, Arkhangelsk


The first call for proposals, or PECC-1, was launched in spring 2017. In total, nine projects were implemented and completed by the end of 2018.

Among the Nordic Lead Partners, Finnish organisations had four projects, Swedish three, and Norwegian and Danish: one each. In terms of the types of entities, universities and research institutions were the most common types. Project activities were carried out in Arkhangelsk Oblast, the Komi Republic, Leningrad Oblast, Murmansk Oblast, the Republic of Karelia, and in St Petersburg. Several NGOs took active part on the Russian side.

The implementation of the PECC projects has resulted in a number of important reports and scientific as well as practical results of high value, while building up and maintaining networks between relevant Nordic and Russian counterparts

Summarized PECC-1 project results:

  • The projects contributed to environmental and climate- related improvements in Northwest Russia
  • Relevant partners of the Nordic countries and North-west Russia, including authorities and NGOs, were involved in the co-operation
  • Relevant networks were established or strengthened, strategies developed, and joint knowledge shared