Risk capital for Nordic green solutions

We finance and implement small and medium-sized green projects on global markets through our own investments on market terms, and trust funds with incentives and blending. We are ready to take financial risks if there is a green upside.

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Financing options for various segments

Nordic small and medium-sized companies

We provide financing for economically viable green projects with positive environmental impact. Our financing options for the private sector include loans on market terms, equity-type financing and grants to Nordic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for green projects in global markets. We also provide environmental expertise and high additionality to your financing.

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Municipal sector in Eastern Europe

Municipalities and utility companies in Eastern Partnership countries; Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia can apply for financing for environmental projects, such as energy-efficiency in public buildings, street lighting, district heating, solid waste, water and wastewater. Financing can consist of loans, soft loans in the local currency (for smaller projects), grants, technical assistance and implementation support.

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Region-specific projects

In the Baltic Sea area, we finance both public and private projects related to agriculture, waste and wastewater treatment. Additionally, we manage two results-based financing incentives for off-grid energy providers and clean cooking providers in Africa.

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Financial institutions

We offer on-lending facilities to local banks in Eastern Europe, where Nefco has a host country framework agreement, for green loan programmes to consumers and SMEs. The banks should be committed to a green profile and environmental goals. Financing can take the form of loans or subordinated loans. Banks in Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, and Ukraine can apply.

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Financing options

Various financing options to suit different needs

We offer a range of instruments to private and public, small and medium-sized projects that seek to generate positive environmental or climate-related results. By combining different financing sources available, we leverage and make projects feasible and bankable.

Key figures


Funds managed by Nefco at the end of 2021


New wind and solar parks built in Ukraine with co-financing from Nefco

Over 400

Number of public buildings renovated in Ukraine for energy efficiency


Children and teachers benefitting from our municipality projects in Ukraine

Some of our implemented projects

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