15 Jun 2023

Folkemødet: Is business doing enough about biodiversity?

Nefco welcomes you to join a biodiversity-themed panel discussion at Folkemødet on Thursday, 15 June 2023.

Protecting biodiversity helps maintain ecosystem services that businesses in different sectors depend on. The adoption of the new Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework means that it is also in the interests of the private sector to act and help restore biodiversity by 2030.

Topic: Is business doing enough about biodiversity?

On 15 June 2023, Nefco together with the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Investment Bank organises a panel discussion at Folkemødet on Bornholm, Denmark and online.

During the discussion, we aim to explore whether private sector is doing enough to protect biodiversity and prevent further nature loss and how could companies and financiers accelerate their nature-positive actions. Some key questions include:

  • How can businesses help promote biodiversity through practices that are good for nature?
  • What role can financial institutions play in directing capital flows towards investments that are good for nature?
  • How can citizens engage in dialogue with businesses about biodiversity?

Panellists & moderator

The panel discussion will feature distinguished speakers from various sectors including business, finance and civil society.

Mette Dalsgaard, Business Development Director, COWI
Marcus Taulborg, Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network, Danish Youth Delegate for Climate and Environment
Kim Skov Jensen, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Treasury & Finance, Nordic Investment Bank 
Søren Berg Rasmussen, Investment Manager, Nefco – The Nordic Green Bank 

Moderator: Vibeke Hartkorn

Join the event online or in person

We warmly welcome your participation in this important debate, either in person in Allinge or virtually.

Folkemødet event: Is business doing enough about biodiversity?

Thursday 15 June 2023 12:45-13:30 Danish time
Organisers: Nordic Council of Ministers, Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank, Nordic Investment Bank
Location: Folkemødet, Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark
Venue: Nordic tent: A20 – Nordisk Ministerråd og Nordisk Råd

Event page: Gør virksomhederne nok for biodiversiteten? | Folkemødet (folkemoedet.dk) and People’s Festival 2023: Is business doing enough about biodiversity? (norden.org)

Language: Danish
Livestreaming: Yes, please view the event page on Norden.org

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