12-16 Aug 2024

Arendalsuka 2024

Meet Nefco at Arendalsuka 12-16 August 2024. Arendalsuka is the largest political gathering in Norway held annually since 2012.

Nefco organises and joins engaging events at the Nordic tent, hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Event: Grenseløst Norden til neste nivå

Date and time: Tuesday, 13 August 2024, 15:00-16:00 CEST
Location: Arendalsuka, Arendal, Norway
Venue: Nordens Telt, Tyholmen, Rådhusgaten 8
Organisers: Nordic Council of Ministers, Norsk-Svensk Handelskammer, Akershus Fylkeskommune, Info Norden
Language: Norwegian
Event page: Visit arendalsuka.no

Nordic cooperation is more important than ever, also in business. But is it mostly on paper? Why haven’t we progressed further in breaking down border barriers? And how can the schemes and tools that already exist?

We ask managers and experts who know the Nordic countries and markets extremely well. Do they see potential for more Nordic cooperation?What is being done in practice, and what must we do more of, for a smart development of our societies and for the opportunity to achieve the Nordic governments’ joint vision of becoming the world’s most integrated and sustainable region by 2030? This conversation is relevant for both large businesses and SMEs.


  • Gustav Saastad, VP Head of Global Public Affairs, Hydro
  • Idar Kreutzer Director International, Private ownership and Digitization, Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (NHO)
  • Magnus Schönning, Programme Manager, Interreg
  • Pia Prestmo, Head of Public Affairs, Heidelberg Materials Norway
  • Sverre Myrli (Ap), The Standing Committee on Business and Industry (Næringskomiteen), Stortinget
  • Trond Moe, Managing Director Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank

Event: Hvorfor bør SMBer prioritere biologisk mangfold?

Event title in English: Why should SMEs prioritise biodiversity?
Date and time: Wednesday, 14 August 2024, 13:30-14:15 CEST
Location: Arendalsuka, Arendal, Norway
Venue: Nordens Telt, Tyholmen, Rådhusgaten 8
Organisers: Nefco and Nordic Council of Ministers
Language: Norwegian
Event details in Norwegian: Visit arendalsuka.no

Growth is essential for both businesses and the overall economy. Simultaneously, we face a significant risk of biodiversity loss due to business activities. It is crucial to balance the need for growth with the necessity of biodiversity action.

We present results from Nefco’s Biodiversity Pilot Programme and showcase how biodiversity focused companies are rewarded short and long-term – both in terms of access to financing, new business opportunities and mitigation of risk.

How can SMEs measure its biodiversity impact, what are impactful measures, and how important is biodiversity as a metric for investors? Should the market regulate itself, or are we in need of further political incentives to speed up the process? These are all questions that we seek to answer during our event.

We would like your input and hope that you have the time and interest to set aside an hour – Wednesday 14 August from 13.30 – 14.15 – for important discussions at the Nordic Tent at Arendalsuka.


  • Results from the Biodiversity Pilot Programme: Anne Mette Guerrero, Investment Adviser, Nefco
  • Video: Pilot companies’ experiences
  • Panel discussion: Jan-Olof Willums, Founder & Chairman, Nordic Batteries; Trond Moe, Managing Director, Nefco; third panellist TBC; Moderated by Simon Jernroth, NordForsk

Nordic Cooperation at Arendalsuka

The Nordic tent at Arendalsuka will host highly topical events with particular focus on a resilient and safe societies, freedom of movement in the Nordic Region, and circular and green societies.

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