• Request for Proposals
  • Ukraine
  • 21.08.2019
  • 02.10.2019

Funds of up to EUR 120,000 will be allocated from the Finland Ukraine Trust Fund (FUTF), administered by NEFCO, for consulting services to develop a feasibility study for thermo-modernisation of public buildings in the City of Kamyanske.

City of Kamyanske wishes to modernise and rehabilitate existing public buildings with modern and more efficient technologies. City of Kamyanske intends to invite qualified firms for Technical Assistance (TA) to prepare full scope feasibility study for modernisation of public buildings. The building stock includes 38 public buildings and they were selected as a result of energy audits and a preliminary study for the thermo-modernization of buildings.

Any questions on the Terms of Reference or the other documentation in the RFP shall be provided in writing to FCG by e-mail: jarkko.olkinuora@fcg.fi with copy to andriy.levkonyk@fcg.fi no later than September 23, 2019 after which all questions will be compiled by FCG without any editing in the form they are sent to FCG. Answers to the questions are submitted by e-mail to all Consultants that have confirmed their intent to prepare a proposal.

Please inform FCG by e-mail: jarkko.olkinuora@fcg.fi with copy to andriy.levkonyk@fcg.fi, not later than September 9, 2019:

  • that you have received this Letter of Invitation and whether you intend to submit a proposal.
  • whether you will submit a proposal alone or intend to enhance your experience by associating with other firm(s).

Proposals must be submitted to FCG no later than at 16:00 hrs local time via email on October 2, 2019 (submission date).