• Request for Proposals
  • Russia
  • 04.12.2020
  • 13.01.2021

NEFCO invites to send proposals for the assignment “Coordination and Management Consultant Services for Finland Black Carbon Programme at NEFCO”.

Funds of up to EUR 200,000 will be allocated from the Finnish NIB/NEFCO Technical Assistance Trust Fund for consulting services to coordinate and manage the activities in the Finland Black Carbon Programme at NEFCO. This amount includes a 5 % provision for contingencies. According to the terms and conditions on the operation of the Finnish NIB/NEFCO Technical Assistance Trust Fund, the Consultant to be engaged has to be Finnish.

The overall objective of the Consultancy assignment is to provide coordination and management consultancy services and provide Technical Assistance for the Programme to achieve the objectives of the Programme. Essential part of the assignment is to supervise the future service providers under the Programme to implement the approved projects in compliance with the relevant agreements. The assignment requires excellent coordination, organisational and management skills, good general knowledge of the current black carbon agenda, its trends and developments as well as pro-found knowledge and experience, in particular, in the following areas of expertise:

  • Technical assistance projects in Russia;
  • Capability and know-how to identify project opportunities in Russia;
  • Energy, district heating and other sectors relevant for the assignment; and
  • Emission abatement solutions, technologies and emission factors (black carbon emissions in particular)

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland aims at an enhanced effort in Russia and with Russia to prepare and develop more climate related (black carbon) investment projects that could then become Northern Dimension Environment Partnership projects. Main purpose of the Finland Black Carbon Programme at NEFCO is to mitigate black carbon emissions as a primary driver through technical assistance and support, not to invest directly in the projects. The activities can include for example scoping/pre-feasibility studies, project specific feasibility studies, other types of technical assistance e.g. monitoring and supervision of technical assistance projects, and awareness raising with specific focus on the following Russian regions: Archangelsk Region, Komi Republic, Murmansk Region and Karelia Republic.

The details of the required services are provided in the beneath document, in the Terms of Reference part.