• Invitation for tenders
  • Russia
  • 15.03.2021
  • 26.05.2021

LLC “Fishing company “Polar Sea+”, intends to use part of the proceeds of the Grant from the Arctic Council Project Support Instrument (PSI) through Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco) towards the cost the conversion of the “Polar Sea+” refrigerating equipment to reduce harmful emissions to the ozone layer of the atmosphere. The funding is dependent on availability of PSI funds under financing agreements to be entered into. Project is implemented within the framework of the Arctic Council project “Phase-out of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and Ozone-Depleting Substances at Fish and Seafood Processing Enterprises of the Murmansk Oblast (Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation). Phase 2”.

The tender is conducted in accordance with the Nefco Procurement Guidelines.

Scope of deliveries, works, and services:

  • Development of design estimates for conversion of the Employer to ozone- and climatesafe substances and technologies;
  • Purchase, production and supply of primary and extra equipment;
  • Installation, commissioning and other works according to the design estimates;
  • Purchase, installation, commissioning of safety equipment and taking of safety measures;
  • Obtaining of permits;
  • Recovery of ODS and F-gases for destruction or recycling;
  • Dismantling and disposing of old equipment;
  • Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Training of enterprise’s personnel in issues of environmental legislation and operation of environmentally safe refrigeration equipment in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

More information is also available at websites of the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) and Norebo Holding JSC.