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  • Ukraine
  • 15.01.2020
  • 07.02.2020

The Sweden-Ukraine District Heating Fund (the Programme) is a financing and support programme established by NEFCO and Sweden, through Sida, directed at financing and supporting environmentally sustainable and energy efficient demonstration projects in district heating in Ukraine. The objective of the Programme is to demonstrate the development of sustainable and market oriented district heating based on Nordic experiences adapted to Ukrainian conditions. Another key objective is to demonstrate modern and energy efficient district heating with significant share of production based on renewable and waste heat sources.

It is expected that the Programme efforts will result in the implementation of at least four (4) demonstration projects in different medium-sized Ukrainian cities. The beneficiaries will be Ukrainian District Heating Entities owned by a municipality. Eligible investments under the Programme are those which have the potential to demonstrate modern, sustainable and energy efficient district heating technology and design principles and support the development for interconnection of district heating networks into more efficient units to enable the introduction of renewable and waste heat sources for district heating production. Eligible investments include demand side measures, heat distribution networks and sustainable production sources. Financially the Programme combines investment grants with credits and is supported by grant funding for Technical Assistance.

Technical Assistance is divided into two main tasks as follows:

  1. A Coordination Consultant to support NEFCO in the overall coordination, monitoring and follow-up of the Programme, in identifying prospective Project Partners (municipally owned district heating entities in medium-sized cities in Ukraine) and in preparing pre-studies and feasibility studies based on project proposals have been contracted by NEFCO since May 2019. The Coordination Consultant is also responsible for certain communication and dissemination activities of the Programme; enhancing positive cooperation within the scope of the Programme.
  2. Project Implementation (PIU) Support Consultant(s) that will, based on a framework call-off agreement, support the Project Partners in project implementation.
    Assignment Description: NEFCO now intends to enter framework call-off agreements with at least two experienced and qualified consultancy firms to provide Project Implementation (PIU) Support Services for the Programme (the “Consultant”; pos 2 above). These Terms of Reference describe the objectives, tasks and requirements for the assignment.

In order to meet the objectives of the assignment, the Consultant shall undertake the following tasks/activities:

  • Support in capacity building of PIUs;
  • Support in project implementation;
  • Support in design and preparation of technical specifications / tender documents;
  • Procurement support
  • Support in ensuring compliance with Financing Agreements and other agreements;
  • Support in contract administration and works supervision;
  • Arrangement of timely disbursements under the contracts.

Assignment start date and duration:

The framework call-off agreement is expected to start in May 2020. The framework call-off agreement intends to cover project implementation support services for projects in 4-5 medium-sized Ukrainian cities. Project assignments are intended to be called off after financing agreements have been signed between the borrower/beneficiary and NEFCO. Each project agreement will be called off from the framework agreement based on the consultant’s availability and specific project expediency with a duration depending  on  project scope and complexity. Implementation periods expected to be in the range of 24-36 months.

Cost estimate for the assignment:

The budget for each project will be determined based on the project scope and complexity, in the range from 250 000 EUR to 400 000 EUR. The maximum budget for implementation support services for the entire programme is 1.5 MEUR.