• General procurement notice
  • Ukraine
  • 22.03.2021
  • 30.09.2021

Military-civil administration of Shchastya City of Luhansk region is planning to announce competitive tendering for the works, goods and services defined by the Project “Energy efficiency measures in Shchastya City” covers the capital repair of the City Hospital located at 97 Donetska street. The Project will be implemented under the Programme “Ukraine Energy Efficiency in Small and Amalgamated Municipalities (the “NIP II Energy Efficiency”).

The City intends to use the funds from a grant provided by the Neighbourhood Investment Platform of the European Union and own co-financing for the works, goods and services as listed below.

The Project, which has the total estimated cost of up to EUR 370,000 (excluding VAT) will require the procurement of the following works, goods, and services:

  • insulation of walls;
  • insulation of the socle with the installation of the blind area;
  • replacement of doors;
  • insulation of the last floor overlap;
  • partial repair of the tent type roof with installation of lighting protection;
  • replacement of the external heating network to the building;
  • installation of an individual heating system;
  • replacement of part of the indoor heating system;
  • replacement of the interior lighting system of the building.

Download the document below to read more about the project.