Seeking positive environmental and climate results

We welcome project proposals aimed at generating positive environmental or climate-related results. Each and every project enquiry and application sent to us is assessed from an environmental point of view by our team of environmental experts. We are particularly interested in small and medium-scale projects with a high demonstration value, i.e. projects that have the potential to grow and generate environmental impacts that are orders of magnitude greater than the original investment. Our ultimate goal is to find solutions that benefit the environment and climate in a cost-efficient way.

Projects that improve the ecological situation in the Baltic Sea, the Barents and the Arctic regions are of special interest to Nefco. We are also willing to invest in projects that help to boost the implementation of Nordic green solutions on a global scale. We prioritise projects which generate positive impact not only in the project country but also for the Nordic region as a whole.

What kind of projects can match the criteria?

Positive climate impact can be achieved by, for example, improving energy efficiency or substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. In the wastewater sector, we are particularly interested in monitoring biological oxygen demand and the discharges of phosphorus and nitrogen.

When providing financing for industrial projects, we give special attention to measures that can improve material efficiency by reducing the use of raw materials, metals, chemicals or water. We also attach great importance to measures that can substitute hazardous chemicals, mitigate the release of toxic pollutants or reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Projects resulting in positive environmental results can, for example, be related to:

  • modernisation of industrial plants
  • upgrades of energy utilities
  • energy-efficiency measures
  • insulation of buildings
  • renewable energy
  • wastewater treatment
  • solid waste management
  • renewal of agricultural practices and/or manure treatment
  • metal industry and mining
  • production of environmental equipment
  • manufacturing of equipment for more effective use of energy
  • supplying consulting and engineering services within the field of environment and energy

How do we verify the results?

We evaluate the project proposals to verify that the projects to be financed have a direct or indirect positive impact on the local environment as well as the Nordic countries. The funds managed by Nefco have different environmental priorities and goals, and these are reflected in the loan conditions for each fund. The environmental impacts are assessed in broad terms by taking into account also cross-media effects, and social and gender aspects.

After the implementation of the project, we conduct a post-assessment of the environmental and climate-related results. Every project we have financed is subject to mandatory recurrent reporting of environmental achievements.

How to get more information

To ensure that your project fulfils the environmental criteria defined by Nefco, please contact our environmental department with further enquiries >>

You can also read our detailed guidelines and policies; see files below.