Case: Biofuel production

Production of biofuel in Rivne, Ukraine. The project was financed by the Facility for Cleaner Production. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger

Loan for more efficient resource and energy utilization


The Nefco Facility for Cleaner Production is a loan programme, intended to promote the reduction of industrial pollution through efficient resource and energy utilization. The main criterion for each project approved under the scheme is that it should generate clear and measurable environmental benefits.

Cleaner production is generally achieved by upgrading technology and production methods. The cleaner production investments aim at conserving raw materials and energy, eliminating toxic raw materials and reducing the quantity and toxicity of all emissions and wastes before they leave the process.

Typical projects approved for financing

  • Investments in renewable energy
  • Installation of new and more efficient heating boilers
  • Installation of new pumps and valves
  • Recirculation and reuse of water
  • Installation of regulation and monitoring equipment
  • Recovery of material from waste tailings
  • Installation of new, more resource efficient equipment

Who can apply for funding?

A private or municipal company with existing production can apply. Nefco offers Cleaner Production loans on favourable terms to both private and public enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus*. Loan repayments are directly linked to savings generated from the investment. See detailed criteria below.

Project criteria

  • Annual savings of approx. 25% of the investment cost
  • Significant environmental effects shall be achieved
  • Local contribution required
  • Collateral required
  • Private or municipal company with existing production as borrower
  • Procurement of goods, works and services financed shall be open and fair


*Nefco is currently not engaging in new projects in Belarus.


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