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Nefco’s Green Recovery Loan Programme is offered to companies with green and sustainable solutions that are experiencing challenges to realise their plans for international growth. Our unsecured Green Recovery loans have a fast-track application process and they can be used to finance both investments and working capital. Learn more about our terms and conditions.

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Helping green Nordic SMEs grow

We finance small and medium-sized companies’ growth on global markets to accelerate the green transition. Our customers include green Nordic SMEs from various industries. We also complement and help to mobilise financing from commercial banks and other private investors to close the financing gaps. Contact us and apply for financing.

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Green recovery financing for small and medium-sized Nordic companies

Is your green business suffering from the current economic challenges?

Nefco offers fast-track green recovery financing for Nordic small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). The Green Recovery Loan Programme can be used to finance investments and business activities in support of international growth outside the Nordic countries.

Our aim is to help your green business grow on global markets and to accelerate the scale-up of Nordic green solutions.

Who can apply?

  • Nordic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with commercialised green solutions that face challenges to realising green recovery investments and international growth.

Financial requirements of borrower

  • Equity ratio of at least 25% (measured after Nefco investment)
  • At least EUR 100,000 in equity or the same as the required loan amount
  • At least 3 consecutive years of sales revenue

Terms and conditions

  • Possible loan amount ranging from EUR 100,000 to EUR 500,000
  • Loan maturity is max. 5 years
  • Repayment in equal semi-annual instalments
  • Interest rate on market terms, indicatively 8-12%
  • Loans offered do not require security from the borrower
  • Establishment fee of EUR 1,500 payable after the signing of the Loan Agreement

Where and how?

  • For investments and working capital related to the company’s internationalisation on global markets outside the Nordic countries
  • Applications are processed via a fast-track mode with standardised application material

Scope of project?

Financing under the SME Green Recovery Loan Programme should be used for activities that support international growth, including for international business development and sales, investments aimed at internationalisation and/or as working capital needed to maintain or further develop international operations and business activities.

Typical projects may be related to the following sectors:

  • industry
  • waste handling
  • water technology
  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energy
  • building technology
  • materials
  • food industry
  • aquaculture
  • agriculture

How we work

We are ready to take a financial risk if there is a green upside. The real risk is not going green.

Nefco uses the EU Taxonomy as its primary classification system to identify projects that are considered environmentally sustainable. In addition, Nefco will evaluate applications using criteria that it has developed during the course of its operation. Please note that applicants will be requested to fill in a separate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) questionnaire at a later stage. Read more about our environmental criteria and guidelines for the projects that we finance.

As an international financial institution, we have a range of other policies and guidelines that will help you understand how we work both internally and with our partners and customers.

How to apply

We aim to make fast decisions to help you proceed as soon as possible with your project.

Download the application form (see: Related publications)Please note that Adobe Reader is required to fill in the application form.

Add the following attachments to the application:

  • The applicant company’s three (3) most recent audited annual financial statements
  • Current interim figures if financial records are older than six (6) months, profit and loss statement, and balance sheet
  • Financial statements for the group (If applicable)
  • Cash flow projections for the preferred Nefco loan period
  • Confirmation letter of bank account number from the company’s bank
  • Applicant company’s certificate of registration document

In addition, we provide a template for your investment and financing budget.

To download the necessary forms, scroll down on the page to ‘Related publications’.

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